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Poke Abby APK
App NamePoke Abby
Size8 MB
Requirements5 and Up
DeveloperLeroux Apps Dev

We are here with another amazing game that is only for adults. Before beginning the article, it is requested you to not proceed if you are under 18. Read the article if you are above 18. The game we are going to introduce is Poke Abby APK, a game with purely adult content. The game is full of comic content with 3D graphics. As a ghost, you follow Abby everywhere and can have fun with her. 

Autumn Hearth College is where the story of the game starts. All the students gather in a big hall, and suddenly, Abby leaves the hall in search of new classrooms. This creates the opportunity for you to follow her and perform strange things with her. The comic scenes and romantic content of the game make it appropriate for kits. Therefore, this game can only be played by those who are above 18. 

All About Poke Abby APK

It is a new addition to the genre of adult content games. Acting as a ghost, you follow a female character, Abby, throughout the classroom. Abby, in fact, herself invites you to play with her. In the game, all the students gather in a big hall to showcase their talent. You and Abby are also part of the gathering. Suddenly, Abby leaves the hall with a desire to explore new classes. That’s where the opportunity arises for you.

Abby in the game is your potion classmate. With the magic spells, she is able to change her body shape and appearance within seconds. She is an ambitious girl who wants to develop her physique and make her body attractive. It is you who is supposed to help her make her body shape. Abby will allow you to do anything with her. You can satisfy Abby by various activities like touching different parts of her body, poking, and stroking her.

Abby is a very beautiful and attractive young girl who can easily trigger lust for any individual. What makes her even more captivating is the ability to personalize her. You can shape her body in whatever way you want. Various body parts of Abby can be reshaped in Poke Abby APK to make her look bold and romantic. Apart from shaping her body, you can also choose your favorite costume for her. 

What makes this mode a unique game in the adult genre is that apart from the outer beauty, you can also see the inner beauty of the girl character by putting off her clothes. To earn more points in the game, all you have to do is to make Abby happy and satisfied. She loves to be touched, and touching the appropriate parts of her body can give you more points and rewards. Moreover, make physical relations and create as many nude scenes as you can to boost your points. 

Features of Poke Abby APK

Magic Spells and Potions

Sеvеral magic spells and potions arе availablе in the games that can bе usеd to change the complеxion, shapе, and body structurе of Abby. Using magic spеlls, you can makе sеvеral changеs to thе charactеr. Potions are also used to make the girl character, Abby, look young, more attractive, and bold. Also This app is similar to Nekopoi APK, so don’t miss checking it ou


Customization includes changing costumes, hair style, body shape, makeup, and all the other aspects of the character, Abby. She is a beautiful character already, but through customization, you can make her the most dashing and bold girl. This feature doubles the fun and excitement of playing with the girl character.

No Third Party Ads

The association of third-party ads with adult games is the most disturbing and unwanted thing. Most adult games support third-party advertisements that poke up in the middle of the game and cause disturbance for the players. Poke Abby APK is brilliant in the sense that it blocks all third-party ads. You won’t be disturbed by them at any stage of the game. 

3D Animations

Due to 3D graphics and outstanding animations, this game looks aesthetically sound and perfect.Abby is a cartoon charactеr, but thе 3D graphics of thе gamе makе her look real. Evеrything you do in thе gamе looks so rеal and amazing. Particularly, the bold scenes that you perform with Abby will blow your mind.’

License for Performing Actions

Not freedom, but you have the license to do anything with Abby. You can touch her private parts, put off her clothes, build physical relations, make nude scenes, and whatever you want. Neither the rules of the game will stop you from performing any action nor Abby. In fact, she herself wants to be touched and invites you to play with her.

What is New in the Game

  • Beautiful rooms with a romantic environment
  • Full 3D graphics and animations
  • Simple and easy control buttons
  • Full freedom to perform actions 
  • Compatible with both console and mobile phone
  • Third-party ads are not allowed
  • You can play them without registering

Pros and Cons 


  • This mod contains the best comic content and romantic scenes with a very beautiful girl.
  • Ads won’t disturb you during the game.
  • You have the authority to make the character look whatever you want to see her.


  • Poke Abby APK can have negative impacts on the minds of the players.
  • The game can corrupt the mindsets of the players, especially kits.
  • It contains inappropriate content that may have negative impacts on society.


Poke Abby APK is a purely adult contend game that is developed for players above 18. For passionate devotees of the adult gaming world, this game is tailor-made and guaranteed to satisfy. For those less familiar with the genre, we suggest avoiding this game due to its unreservedly risqué nature. But for die-hard fans, this is an undeniable must-play, certain to capture your heart. You will find everything that you expect from an adult game. 

Click Here to Download Poke Abby

You are now ready to download The APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Click to download Button to Get APK. 
  • Once it Save in your Downloads. 
  • Tap Install and wait. 
  • Open the game to start playing. 

Note: Don’t forget to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device security settings.


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