Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK v5.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK
App NameSmoq Jgmfut 24
Size148 MB
Requirements5 and Up

The world has changed, and soccer enthusiasts can buy, exchange, and sell cards in Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK. It has been developed to entertain and thrill the players. The game has been designed with updated features, making the game more exciting and user-friendly. In the game, the players can open various Packs, and it has My Club; you can create your team on Online Draft, you can see your cards on My Cards, you can easily use Transfer Market, it has Seasons, Mini Games, Daily Rewards, Tournaments and many more to enjoy.

The modified edition of the game has unlimited money to unlock packs and worldwide players, open, exchange, and transfer cards, build your dream team, participate in various tournaments, seasons, and championships, and get daily rewards. Best of all, the players can customize stadiums and create unique kids with authentic logos and stamps. They also design jerseys and other objects for their virtual teams.

Moreover, in the latest version, the players can create an Online Draft that will allow them to practice and understand the game. In the Online Draft, you are free to choose your favorite players.

Additionally, the latest version has high-quality graphics and animations with perfect lighting and visuals that make the game more captivating. It has licensed players across the world with official logos and jerseys. Moreover, customization is one of the unique features of the APK. It is safe, secure, and free to download and play.

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More About Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK

The modified edition of the game has been developed with unlimited money, and everything is unlocked. It means in the game, the players do not need to purchase anything. International players such as Saka, Vardy, Lewis, Edun, Paterson, Austin, Mubama, Tevez, Kessler, Kompany, and many professional footballers are unlocked. It has many packs such as Lightning Round, Classics Packs, Event Packs, Player Packs, Special Packs, Pick 95+, All Toty Pack, and many more to unpack.

Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK Center 1

Moreover, in Smog Jgmfut 24 to build brand-new teams is at the players’ fingertips. It depends on their skills and football experience to create a robust, sophisticated team that will beat every team online. All the players are unlocked, and the players are free to choose the professional best players. They can evaluate the team’s best captain, midfielders, defenders, attackers, and goalkeeper. You can exchange, transfer, buy, and sell the players.

Smoq Jgmfut 24 APK Center

In addition, the game has Draft Challenges options, allowing players to make online drafts and be the game’s pro. It has various levels; the player would be asked to participate in multiple challenges to get levels. Every level has different challenging tasks. Above all, you can achieve daily rewards and customize the game’s sound settings.

Unpack the Packs 

 At the beginning of the game, you will see packs, and there are unlimited packable packs in the packs. In Pick Toty, you will meet international players such as Alisson, Oberdorf, Hernandez, Ronaldo, and many more. Whether you want to sell, transfer, or pick your own card, the choice is yours. You will unpack many packs, such as 500 players, Starter Brazil Pack, Club Pack, Starter Germany Pack, and many more.

Online Draft Your Dream Team

The game Smoq Jgmfut 2024 allows players to create their teams by choosing the best players worldwide.

  • First, you will choose formations, such as 4-1-4-1 or 3-1-4-1, and many more formations according to your strategic thinking.
  • Then, select the captain for the team, as De Jong, Kerr, Grifo, and many more worldwide captains are waiting for you.
  • This time, like other players one by one, and in the selection, choose a strong goalkeeper for your team.

Buy, Transfer, Exchange, and Sale Cards

Professional players worldwide are in the game; you can check their ranks and prices on the application. If you want any player on your team, open the player details and click on the card. If you sell any player, check their prices on the market and sell them. Transferring and exchanging players is also available. If you want to transfer any player with your friend or random user, you can do it. Ann, you can exchange any player from your card to any online user if you want to exchange.

Dive Into My Cards and My Club

On the game’s home page, you will see My Cards and My Club; the game has been designed with unlimited money and coins so that you can add any player to your card. You will see a long list of players when you open My Cards. For details on the players, click on their pictures. After that, you will see many options around the player: positions, stats, put on sale, favorite, check price, and quick sale. As the name indicates, if you want to know the player’s age, height, and other physical appearance, click on stats, and if you’re going to see the player’s price, click on check price, and so on.

Other Key Features

  • Transfer Market: On Smoq Jgmfut 24, the players can transfer cards and badges to others.
  • Collection: You can collect cards, ratings, leagues, nations, and badges.
  • Latest Cards: The Players will get updated cards as time passes.
  • Online: The players can jump online and play with pro cards, tournaments, draft masters, and champions.
  • Mini Games: There are mini-games in the game, such as various seasons, pack and play, club quizzes, and some others.
  • Sound Settings: You can adjust sound settings in the game.
  • Daily Rewards: Open the application daily to collect daily rewards.
  • Safe & Secure: It does not contain harmful or corrupt files.
  • Seamless: The seamless application is available for phones and consoles.
  • Unlimited Money: It has unlimited money and is free to download and run.


Smoq Jgmfut 24 is a brand-new football simulation game that has emerged with unlimited money to purchase professional players, customize your dream team, and participate in different tournaments and seasons. The players can unpack the packs, transfer, exchange, and sell their cards. Moreover, the player can evaluate the team members by opening their history in different matches. It has mini-games as well. So, download the file on our website to get everything unlocked and make your days fun.

Click Here to Download Smoq Jgmfut 24

You are now ready to download The APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Click to download Button to Get APK. 
  • Once it Save in your Downloads. 
  • Tap Install and wait. 
  • Open the game to start playing. 

Note: Don’t forget to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device security settings.


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