Dragon Ball FighterZ APK v4.34.0 (Without Verification)

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK
App NameDragon Ball FighterZ
Size86 MB
Requirements5 and Up
DeveloperNAMCO BANDAI Games Inc

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK is a famous fighting game with powerful fighters, diverse characters, stunning graphics and visuals, fast-paced gameplay, and many more. Arc System Works developed the game, and Bandai Namco Entertainment published it successfully. The anime-like characters of the game make it fascinating because anime fans have spread worldwide. Moreover, the game is three versus 3 team battles, and the players can choose their friends or online players to fight. The players can build their dream team and boost their fighting skills in practice mode, and then they can go into the game’s multiplayer mode.

The game puts your favorite and influential characters at your fingertips; you can choose your favorite Dragon Ball heroes for your dream team. As the game is team-based fighting, you have to select strong and robust fighters for your team. Initially, you can go into practice mode to train your fighters and understand the game’s mechanics. Then, go for various battles and fight like a resilient fighter.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is accessible for every smartphone because of its 2.5D graphics and modern animations with perfect visuals. If you are a pro or have no experience with the Dragon Ball genre, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The game blends fighting with thrill and excitement. The players will enjoy real-time anime fighting by creating their dream team.

The Ultimate Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod APK Experience

The modified version of the game made the Dragon Ball lovers’ day because it emerged with unlimited money, all the powerful fighters, and everything unlocked. The game experts have developed the application according to the fans’ worthwhile reviews, demands, and wishes. It means that the game’s latest edition has come out with many modifications. Unlike in the official version of the game, in the updated game, the players do not need to purchase or buy anything.

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK 1

The latest edition has stunning graphics with modern animations that make the game more natural and realistic. The fighting styles, natural body movements, animatic sounds, real commentary, fast-paced gameplay with 3-v-3 fighting battles, accessible mechanics, diverse rosters, powerful rivals, and the game’s story mode make the player’s days more fun and exciting.

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK 2

In the game’s original version, we know the high-level fighters and some other features are locked. Although the players must spend money out of their pockets to open them, all the game’s high-rank fighters and other features are unlocked in the modified edition. And it has emerged with unlimited money that will help the players to buy their favorite tools and other stuff in the game. Best of all, the application is free to download and run on your phone devices, tablet, and consoles. So, download the file from our website and have fun in your leisure time with Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Real-Time Action Gameplay

Players will participate in real-time gameplay with an infinite number of online random Dragon Ball fans. You can also choose to play with your friends and strangers as well. You can easily defeat your rivals in the game if you have ample fighting skills, combo moves, quick actions, and other tactics. Moreover, the fast-paced games, immediate actions, attacks, special moves, and combos make the game more exciting.

Build Your Dream Team

The game allows the users to build their dream team by choosing their favorite powerful Dragon Ball fighters. All the star and high-ranked fighters are unlocked in the game, so you can select any combatant you want for your dream team. You do not need to spend a single penny out of your pockets. First, build your dream team and then practice in training mode, where you can learn combos and enhance gaming techniques.

Ingress the World of Dragon Ball

The game is based on anime action fighting. By entering into the game, the players will enjoy the actual fighting of anime. The game is seamless and has high-quality graphics and anime animations with modern lighting. The special moves, combos, and latest fighting styles are really fascinating. The characters are extraordinary and have magical powers. In Dragon Ball World, there is a diverse roster of characters, each with their own unique skills, abilities, and attacks. The players can choose from a variety of heroes and villains.

Prominent Characters With Their Unique Abilities

Although in Dragon Ball Fighterz, there are hundreds of characters with unique fighting abilities, attacks, and special moves, we will mention some of the most important characters and their specialties.

  • Goku: It is a versatile character with powerful moves. Teleportation techniques and strong Kamehameha waves are his abilities. He has access to Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and some others.
  • Vegeta: He is a very aggressive fighter. Like Goku, he also has access to Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and a few others. His abilities include Big Bank Attack and Final Flash.
  • Cell: Cell has an exceptional ability to observe opponents and has a mix of close-range and long-range attacks. He has powerful skills such as Perfect Kamehameha and Solar Kamehameha.
  • Majin Buu: He is a unique character in the game with stretchy limbs, and he can transform his rivals into candy and observe them.

Safe, Secure, and Free of Cost

On the same page of our website, you will see download options for mobile devices and consoles. You can download it according to your system. The file does not contain vicious data, and it is safe and secure to install and run on your system. Best of all, the game has unlocked super fighting characters and other features, and it is free to download and play. You do not need to make an in-app purchase or buy anything.

Pros and Cons


  • It has perfect visuals and graphics, and it has diverse rosters.
  • The game is deep and complex for competitive players.
  • Matches are fast-paced, dynamic, and engaging.
  • It has regular tournaments and thrilling matches for other users.


  • It may be complex and challenging for beginners because of its crowded environment. 
  • The game is limited to 1-vs-1 fighting battles.
  • The mechanics and gameplay may need to be more varied for some players.


Dragon Ball FighterZ APK is a modified brand-new action video game that allows the players to build their dream team by choosing powerful fighters. The super fighters have their own unique abilities, skills, attacking powers, special moves, and forms. The game has been developed with 2.5D graphics and modern visuals. Training mode is a bonus point for practicing and learning the game techniques and rules. So, build your team and challenge the world by beating the high-level players with your unique and strategic abilities. Game on!

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You are now ready to download The APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Click to download Button to Get APK. 
  • Once it Save in your Downloads. 
  • Tap Install and wait. 
  • Open the game to start playing. 

Note: Don’t forget to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device security settings.


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